Learn to Navigate


£75 per day per (or £150 for a 1 to 1)

Being able to navigate properly unlocks the hills and mountains and enables you to explore away from the madding crowd.

Groups are kept small for the navigation training. Maps and compass's are supplied, please bring suitable footwear, waterproofs, packed lunch,water, and anything else you usually take out on a walk.





Navigation 1

For novice map readers with little experience, we will explore the map and discuss the symbols and markings before heading out to see how the map relates to our actual surroundings. Basic compass techniques will be used.

Navigation 2

For those comfortable with using a map on clearly marked paths. More advanced compass techniques will be used as well as a more detailed view of what the map is telling us.

Navigation 3

Advanced techniques for walking in low visibility and broken ground. Navigation at night can be undertaken by prior arrangement.